3 Ridiculously Fun Music Videos by Pup, No Parents, and Simon Scardanelli

I had so much fun watching these three videos by Pup, No Parents, and Simon Scardanelli. I hope you do, too!

Pup – “DVP”

Yesterday we saw a few lyric videos from Krief and Scarlett Jane. Today we’ve got Toronto’s Pup with “DVP,” which takes lyric videos to a whole new level, using video games to tell the story. Can you name all the games they use?

“DVP” is from Pup’s new album, The Dream IS Over, which was just released on May 27th. Warning: they swear a bit in this video.

No Parents – “Hey Grandma”

Here’s LA punk band with “Hey Grandma.” from LA. I realize that it’s a little too early to be thinking about Christmas, but this video was too much fun to not to post.

From No Parents’ new album Hey Grandma & the Greatest Hits, which came out May 13.

Simon Scardanelli – “Make Us Happy”

Finally, here’s Simon Scardanelli’s “Make Us Happy.” This up-tempo folk song has a ridiculously fun video.  The animation was produced by Origimedia. Enjoy!