4 Live and Lyric Music Videos by Josiah & The Bonnevilles, Roger Roger, Krief, and Scarlett Jane,

Today I’ve got four videos to share.  The first two are live videos; the other two are lyric videos.

Josiah & The Bonnevilles – “Cold Blood”

First we’ve got “Cold Blood” by Josiah & the Bonnevilles, from their new album Cold Blood which came out in April. “Cold Blood” was shot live at Big Fish Studios.

Roger Roger – “O Rainy Day”

Next up is our second live video of the day, Roger Roger’s “O Rainy Day.” Roger Roger is made up of Manitoba’s twin siblings Lucas and Madeline Roger. Roger Roger teamed up with Logan McKillop for an Eastern Canadian tour promoting their new albums; they were in Thunder Bay on May 29th.

Krief – “Life As It Happens”

Here’s the first of the two lyric videos, “Life As It Happens” by Montreal singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Krief.  “Life As It Happens” is the first single from his upcoming album, automatic.

Scarlett Jane – “Come Around (Nick Fiorucci & S4AD Poolside Remix)”

And finally, here’s the final video for today, Scarlett Jane’s “Come Around (Nick Fiorucci 7 S4AD Poolside Remix).” This track is from their 2015 album Scarlett Jane.  The track was remixed by Nick Fiorucci, who is best known for the work he did remixing some tracks by Britany Spears, Katy Perry, and Celine Dion, and Paris-based S4AD.

The Toronto-based folk/noir duo Scarlett Jane were in LA shooting this video. Enjoy!