Submission Guidelines

Guidelines for All Music Submissions
Guidelines for Hard Copy Submissions | Guidelines for Digital Submissions

CILU receives hundreds of hard copy and digital releases every week. It’s hard to keep up with and very easy for music to get lost in the shuffle. These are some really basic guidelines to help us get your music on the air easier and faster.

*Following these guidelines does NOT ensure that you will get airplay here; that will be up to the programmers. Following the guidelines DOES make it easier for the station to get your music into the hands and/or ears of the people who might be interested in getting you on the air.*

Guidelines for All Music Submissions

Our preference is for full albums over singles (unless there is unreleased material on the singles). We accept both hard copy and digital, but our hard copies currently get more airplay.

If you are sending us music, please include the following information in a one sheet or document:

  • Genre – tell us what type of music it is without the meaningless one sheet hyperbole (if you play roots country, say ‘roots country’).
  • Profanity or Not-For-Family-Listening Lyrics – tell us where the swears are, or what songs to avoid.
  • Tracks To Start With – give us your favourite (preferably clean) tracks so we know what to try first.
  • Recommended If You Like (RIYL) – tell us who influenced you, or other artists that might share a kinship with your music.
  • Contact Information – Your current Website/Facebook page addresses. If we are playing your music, we will want to find out more about you so we can talk about you on the air.

All of this helps us get your music onto the air more quickly!

We enjoy the one sheets with the silly descriptions and pictures of the band looking dour around an outhouse. But if we only have time to skim them and can’t get the information we need, it may take a long time to get you on the air.

Feel free to take a look at our schedule. If you find a show or two that you think would be a fit for your music, let us know!

Guidelines for Hard Copy Submissions

CILU accepts CD and Vinyl releases. If you want to send us a cassette, you might be better off sending a digital download – our cassette player is ancient and doesn’t sound great.

If you are sending a CD:

  • Please send either a cardboard digipack-style case or a full jewel case. Slim jewel cases and cardboard slip cases disappear on shelves, blend in with piles of one sheets and end up in recycling by accident, etc. A thicker spine helps programmers find your disc on the shelf.
  • Make sure that your CD is clearly labelled. The case should have (at the very least) a tray card so that the name of the album is on the spine of the CD case.

Make sure you’ve also read the Guidelines for All Music Submissions before submitting any music to us!

Our mailing address is:

955 Oliver Rd.
Thunder Bay, ON
P7B 5E1

Guidelines for Digital Submissions

CILU accepts digital releases. However, the digital contents must be high quality. We accept MP3’s of bit rate 192kbps or higher, FLAC or WAV files.

Please tag your files properly. All files should have the Artist, Track Number, Title, Album and Year.

  • If you really want to make us happy, have a folder with the artist name and Canadian content if applicable first (eg: Metallica or Maestro – Can). Inside that folder have a second folder named with the year the album was released and the album name (eg: 2014 – The Last Best Places).  Song files should be in the album folder.
  • Please include your cover art and liner notes with your digital submission.

Use a program that allows you to .zip your files or allows us to download them as a .zip or .rar file (Dropbox, Google Drive, Hightail or WeTransfer for example).

We receive hundreds of digital releases every week. We may not have time to download each track individually and create folders. For this reason, if you submit your tracks individually, your music may not be played on our station.

Make sure you’ve also read the Guidelines for All Music Submissions before submitting any music to us!

To further speed up the process, you may be able to pre-target your files or hard copies by emailing these assistant music coordinators directly:

For all other genres (or if you’re not sure you fall into any of these categories) email: