CILU’s Charts for Week Ending September 21, 2021

!earshot : charts : CILU 102.7 FM : Sep 21, 2021

CILU 102.7 FM – Thunder Bay

Top 30 for Sep 21, 2021
Rank Artist Title Label
1 Liam Kazar

Due North Woodsist/Mare
2 The Zeldas Band Website

Cool Waves Cardinal Fuzz
3 Unschooling

Random Acts of Total Control – EP Howlin Banana RecordsLabel Website
4 Rick White

Where It’s Fine Blue FogLabel Website
5 blume hinges Band Website

Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain Self-Released
6 Nevamind & Royal-T

The Yesmen Hand’SoloLabel Website
Label Twitter
7 Sleepy Jean

Idle Hands Half Right Records
8 The Goon Sax

Mirror II MatadorLabel Website
Label Twitter
9 Birds of Maya Band Website

Valdez Drag CityLabel Website
Label Twitter
10 Strangers Laundry Band Website

A Voice For TV Self-Released
11 Faye Webster Band Website
Band Twitter
I Know I’m Funny haha Secretly CanadianLabel Website
Label Twitter
12 Pond

9 Spinning Top Records
13 Boy Golden

Church of Better Daze Six Shooter Records
14 Good at Rockets

Unraveled Shelf Talker Music
15 Meat Wave

Meat Wave Big Scary Monsters / Wiretap
16 TEKE::TEKE Band Website

Shirushi Kill Rock StarsLabel Website
Label Twitter
17 Dez Dare

Hairline Ego Trip Self-Released
18 Alex Lefaivre Quartet

Naufragés Arté Boréal
19 Art d’Ecco Band Website
Band Twitter
In Standard Definition Paper BagLabel Website
Label Twitter
20 Tyler, The Creator Band Website
Band Twitter
Call Me If You Get Lost ColumbiaLabel Website
Label Twitter

WINK Sub PopLabel Website
Label Twitter
22 underscores

fishmonger underscores
23 Meatbodies

333 In The RedLabel Website
Label Twitter
24 Immortal Wound

Immortal Wound y3s Recordings
25 Dee Gees

Hail Satin RCALabel Website
26 Steve Maddock

The Blues Project Cellar
27 Max and the Martians

All the Same Perpetual Doom
28 The Tragically Hip

Saskadelphia UniversalLabel Website
29 Tony From Bowling

Apparition Rearranged – EP Self-Released
Band Twitter
TV Baby Take This To The Heart RecordsLabel Website
Label Twitter