CILU’s Charts for Week Ending October 27, 2020

!earshot : charts : CILU 102.7 FM : Oct 27, 2020

CILU 102.7 FM – Thunder Bay

Top 30 for Oct 27, 2020
Rank Artist Title Label
1 METZ Band Website
Band Twitter
Atlas Vending Sub PopLabel Website
Label Twitter
2 Bright Eyes

Down In The Weeds, Where The World Once Was Dead OceansLabel Website
Label Twitter
3 Idles

Ultra Mono PartisanLabel Website
Label Twitter
4 Osees

Protean Threat Castle Face
5 Laura Jane Grace

Stay Alive PolyvinylLabel Website
Label Twitter
6 Fleet Foxes Band Website

Shore Anti-Label Website
Label Twitter
7 Death Valley Girls Band Website
Band Twitter
Under The Spell Of Joy Suicide SqueezeLabel Website
Label Twitter
8 Suuns Band Website
Band Twitter
Fiction EP Secret CityLabel Website
Label Twitter
9 Lunar Gateway Band Website

Temporal Silent Bell
10 Deftones Band Website
Band Twitter
Ohms Warner
11 Dog Day Band Website
Band Twitter
Present FundogLabel Website
12 L.A. Witch Band Website
Band Twitter
Play With Fire Suicide SqueezeLabel Website
Label Twitter
13 Mastodon Band Website
Band Twitter
Medium Rarities RepriseLabel Website
14 Peach Kelli Pop Band Website
Band Twitter
Lucky Star Laurel Records
15 The Pack A.D. Band Website
Band Twitter
Live! Vol.1 Fontana NorthLabel Website
16 July Talk Band Website
Band Twitter
Pray For It SleeplessLabel Website
Label Twitter
17 Knifey Band Website

Sleepwalker Culvert MusicLabel Website
18 Crack Cloud Band Website

Pain Olympics Self-Released
19 Colter Wall Band Website
Band Twitter
Western Swing & Waltzes and Other Punchy Songs Thirty Tigers
20 Gum Country

Somewhere Kingfisher Bluez
21 The Flaming Lips Band Website

American Head Warner
22 Matt Mays Band Website
Band Twitter
Dog City SonicLabel Website
Label Twitter
23 Hum

Inlet PolyvinylLabel Website
Label Twitter
24 The Beths

Jump Rope Gazers CarparkLabel Website
Label Twitter
25 Death Wheelers

Divine Filth Riding Easy RecordsLabel Website
26 Holy Wave

Interloper Reverberation Appreciation Society
27 Yellow Days

A Day In A Yellow Beat RCALabel Website
28 William Chernoff

Aim To Stay Self-Released
29 Frankie And The Witch Fingers Band Website

Monsters Eating People Eating Greenway
30 PUP Band Website
Band Twitter
This Place Sucks Ass (EP) Rise