CILU’s Charts for Week Ending May 25, 2021

!earshot : charts : CILU 102.7 FM : May 25, 2021

CILU 102.7 FM – Thunder Bay

Top 30 for May 25, 2021
Rank Artist Title Label
1 Dinosaur Jr. Band Website
Band Twitter
Sweep Into Space JagjaguwarLabel Website
Label Twitter
2 Forever Dead!

Pretending We’re Surviving Self-Released
3 Burial Etiquette Band Website

Out of Our Hands Emocat RecordsLabel Website
4 Pop Pop Vernac

Rapid Fire Self-Released
5 Death From Above 1979 Band Website
Band Twitter
Is 4 Lovers Universal Music CanadaLabel Website
6 JayWood Band Website
Band Twitter
Some Days EP Royal Mountain/Captured Tracks
7 Art d’Ecco

In Standard Definition Paper BagLabel Website
Label Twitter
8 Animal Dreams Band Website

Music For My Wife To Dance To Self-Released
9 Grouplove

This is This Self-Released
Band Twitter
TV Baby Take This To The Heart RecordsLabel Website
Label Twitter
11 MIHI NIHIL Band Website

MIHI NIHIL Self-Released
12 Plague Skater Band Website

Plague Skater II Self-Released
13 Smirk Band Website

LP Drunken Sailor
14 FAT COP Band Website

Positive EP Self-Released
15 Chemical Bank Band Website

Lungbones Vol. 1 Self-Released
16 CODE Quartet Band Website

Genealogy Justin TimeLabel Website
Label Twitter
17 Chad VanGaalen Band Website
Band Twitter
World’s Most Stressed Out Gardener Flemish EyeLabel Website
Label Twitter
18 Veik

Surrounding Structures Fuzz ClubLabel Website
19 Nonagon Band Website

They Birds Controlled Burn RecordsLabel Website
20 Dry Cleaning

New Long Leg 4ADLabel Website
Label Twitter
21 Cloud Nothings Band Website
Band Twitter
The Shadow I Remember CarparkLabel Website
Label Twitter
22 Dark Time

Radiation Self-Released
23 Ratboys

Happy Birthday, Ratboy Topshelf
Label Twitter
24 Mo Kenney Band Website
Band Twitter
Covers TurtlemusikLabel Website
25 Tired Cossack

EP Self-Released
26 A Case of Mistaken Identity Band Website

Under The Radical Sign Self-Released
27 Current Joys

Amateur Secretly CanadianLabel Website
Label Twitter
28 Diego Rivera

Indigenous Posi-Tone
29 TuneTown Band Website
Band Twitter
Entering Utopia Three Pines
30 Melvins

Working With God Ipecac