CILU’s Charts for Week Ending March 9, 2021

!earshot : charts : CILU 102.7 FM : Mar 9, 2021

CILU 102.7 FM – Thunder Bay

Top 30 for Mar 9, 2021
Rank Artist Title Label
1 Animal Dreams Band Website

Music For My Wife To Dance To Self-Released
2 Adrian Younge Band Website
Band Twitter
The American Negro Jazz Is Dead
3 Kiwi Jr.
Band Twitter
Cooler Returns Kiwi Club
4 Nonagon Band Website

They Birds Controlled Burn RecordsLabel Website
5 The Dirty Nil Band Website
Band Twitter
F*ck Art Dine AloneLabel Website
Label Twitter
6 Shared Image Band Website

Who Decides Who Does What Self-Released
7 Mav Karlo

Strangers Like Us Royal MountainLabel Website
Label Twitter
8 Diego Rivera

Indigenous Posi-Tone
9 Misc

Partager l’ambulance BonsoundLabel Website
Label Twitter
10 Rick White Archive

Rick covers Sloan’s Peppermint [EP] Self-Released
11 The Blaze Velluto Collection Band Website

We Are Sunshine Dare To CareLabel Website
Label Twitter
12 Dan Mangan Band Website
Band Twitter
Thief Arts & CraftsLabel Website
Label Twitter
13 Peeling Band Website

Worshipper Labyrinth RecordsLabel Website
14 Viagra Boys

Welfare Jazz YEAR0001
15 Sweetwood Amber Remedy Band Website

Tilt N’ Shake Self-Released
16 Ryan Dugre Band Website

Three Rivers 11A
17 PUP Band Website
Band Twitter
This Place Sucks Ass (EP) Little DipperLabel Website
Label Twitter
18 Property

Think Electric Self-Released
19 Michael Wimberly

Afrofuturism Temple Mountain
20 Foo Fighters

Medicine at Midnight RCALabel Website
21 Potatohead People Band Website
Band Twitter
Mellow Fantasy Bastard Jazz
22 David Nance

Staunch Honey Trouble In Mind
23 Julien’s Daughter

The Static That Carries Over House Of Wonders
24 Amanda Tosoff Band Website
Band Twitter
Earth Voices Self-Released
25 TuneTown

Entering Utopia Three Pines
26 The Zeldas Band Website

Heliocentric Self-Released
27 Tigers Jaw

I Wont Care How You Remember Hopeless
28 Mike Freedman

Into The Daybreak Self-Released
29 Rosier

Légèrement Self-Released
30 Julien Baker Band Website
Band Twitter
Little Oblivions MatadorLabel Website
Label Twitter