CILU’s Charts for Week Ending July 6, 2021

!earshot : charts : CILU 102.7 FM : Jul 6, 2021

CILU 102.7 FM – Thunder Bay

Top 30 for Jul 6, 2021
Rank Artist Title Label
1 blume hinges Band Website

Build Your Castle Inside of a Mountain Self-Released
2 TEKE::TEKE Band Website

Shirushi Kill Rock StarsLabel Website
Label Twitter
3 Art d’Ecco Band Website
Band Twitter
In Standard Definition Paper BagLabel Website
Label Twitter
Band Twitter
TV Baby Take This To The Heart RecordsLabel Website
Label Twitter
5 FAT COP Band Website

Positive EP Self-Released
6 Forever Dead!

Pretending We’re Surviving Self-Released
7 PACKS Band Website

Take The Cake Royal MountainLabel Website
Label Twitter
8 Veik

Surrounding Structures Fuzz ClubLabel Website
9 Death From Above 1979 Band Website
Band Twitter
Is 4 Lovers Universal Music CanadaLabel Website
10 MIHI NIHIL Band Website

MIHI NIHIL Self-Released
11 The Tragically Hip

Saskadelphia UniversalLabel Website
12 Plague Skater Band Website

Plague Skater II Self-Released
13 Nevamind & Royal-T

The Yesmen Hand’SoloLabel Website
Label Twitter
14 Bachelor

Doomin’ Sun PolyvinylLabel Website
Label Twitter

WINK Sub PopLabel Website
Label Twitter
16 Night Beats

Outlaw R&B LevitationLabel Website
17 Dinosaur Jr. Band Website
Band Twitter
Sweep Into Space JagjaguwarLabel Website
Label Twitter
18 Dez Dare

Hairline Ego Trip Self-Released
19 Wolf Alice

Blue Weekend RCALabel Website
20 Meat Wave

Meat Wave Big Scary Monsters / Wiretap
21 JayWood Band Website
Band Twitter
Some Days EP Royal Mountain/Captured Tracks
22 Chemical Bank Band Website

Lungbones Vol. 1 Self-Released
23 black midi

Cavalcade Rough TradeLabel Website
24 The Bamboos

Hard Up Pacific Theatre
25 Red Fang Band Website
Band Twitter
Arrows RelapseLabel Website
Label Twitter
26 Burial Etiquette Band Website

Out of Our Hands Emocat RecordsLabel Website
27 Dumb Band Website
Band Twitter
Pizza Punks MintLabel Website
Label Twitter
28 Mannequin Pussy Band Website
Band Twitter
Perfect EP EpitaphLabel Website
Label Twitter
29 Dry Cleaning Band Website
Band Twitter
New Long Leg 4ADLabel Website
Label Twitter
30 Pop Pop Vernac

Rapid Fire Self-Released