3 New Music Videos That Tell Visual Stories from Rel McCoy, Braids, and Metronomy

Today I found three videos that tell some great visual stories.

Rel McCoy – “Gas Money”

Here’s Toronto rapper Rel McCoy (aka Relic)’s “Gas Money” from his new album of the same name.  The video bills itself as one-part Transporter, one part Pulp Fiction; I’ll let you be the judge of how accurate that is. “Gas Money” stars Miss Universe Canada National Finalist Moni Ogunsuyi and Rel as a driver for hire in the quest for Gas Money. Producer Lancecape is also given a guest appearance; he performs his own stunts in the video.

Braids – “Joni”

Here’s “Joni” from Calgary’s Braids. This video was conceived of by Braids’ vocalist, Raphaelle Standell-Preston, who wanted to film in LA; she produced the video on a shoe-string budget, making it with a bunch of friends over a single weekend. The video shows the end of a relationship and how the couple strives to reclaim their individuality while remaining close together.

Metronomy – “Old Skool”

Finally, here’s “Old Skool,” the first single from Metronomy’s upcoming album Summer 08, which is coming out July 1st! I don’t have budget info, but I’m pretty sure “Old Skool” is the opposite of Braids’ shoe-string budget. Featuring Sharon Horgan from Catastrophe and Ben Crompton from Game of Thrones, I hope you enjoy this 70’s self-indulgent party!