3 New Music Videos Showcasing the Power of Dance from Highs, Tzlil, and Runkus

Today I’ve got some new music videos from Highs, Tzlil, and Runkus. From the ballet in Highs’ “I Do, Do You?” to the highly informal moves featured in Runkus’ “Move Yuh Feet,” these three videos really celebrate the power of dance.

Highs – “I Do, Do You?”

First up is Toronto’s Highs, bringing us “I Do, Do You?” This video features a variety of female dancers who are mostly ballerinas, although there’s a really well shot segment from about 3mins, 17 seconds in with the lady in white (I want to call her an interpretive dancer, but I’m not sure if that’s right).

“I Do, Do You?” is from Highs’ first full-length album, Dazzle Camouflage,

Tzlil – “Oh My Love”

Tzlil is a musician, singer, and producer based in Jaffa, Israel who is known for combining an international pop sound with Middle-Eastern flairs. “Oh My Love” features an incredibly expressive male dancer, Omri Drumlevich, who also choreographed the dance sequences.  And by the way, “Oh My Love” made me think of a James Bond film (mostly Goldfinger thanks to the gold accents) as I was watching it.

Runkus – “Move Yuh Feet”

Finally, here’s Runkus with “Move Yuh Feet,” a fun reggae tune that made me and everyone in this video want to move our feet.  Enjoy!