3 New Artistic Music Videos from Oh Pep!, Lonesome Shack, and Andy Shauf

Today I’ve found three rather artistic music videos, “Doctor Doctor” by Oh Pep!, “True Vine” by Lonesome Shack, and “The Magician” by Andy Shauf.

Oh Pep! – “Doctor Doctor”

Have you seen Sleeping Giant, the film that was shot locally here in and around Thunder Bay? Australian duo Oh Pep’s new video, “Doctor Doctor” really made me think of the kids from the movie, just with the way these two are having fun and doing whatever the heck they want. If you’ve seen Sleeping Giant, do you agree?

“Doctor Doctor” is from the forthcoming album, Stadium Cake.

Lonesome Shack – “True Vine”

“True Vine” is from Seattle trio Lonesome Shack.  It’s got some rather odd and often eerie visuals, but it was super interesting to watch.  Fun fact: “True Vine” was directed by Lonesome Shack’s drummer, Kristian Garrard

“True Vine” is from the forthcoming album The Switcher, which is coming out June 24th.

Andy Shauf – “The Magician”

Finally, here’s “The Magician,” a super fun video by Saskatchewan singer-songwriter Andy Shauf.  “The Magician” reminded me of watching a video animated by Terry Gilliam.  Enjoy!

“The Magician” is from Shauf’s new album, The Party, which is available now!